Meet Our Teachers


Emily Palmer: Founder and Curriculum Director

Emily Palmer got a master degree in Curriculum and Instruction and a Certificate in Early Childhood Education at the Masters Program at Portland State University. She has achieved Step 11 (out of the maximum of 12) in the Oregon Registry: Pathways to Professional Development. She also has more than 8 years experience teaching Mandarin Chinese to children ages 0 to 13. Seeking to fulfill her desire to inspire children to build on their natural curiosity by teaching through hands-on learning, she left her prior career in supply chain operation management to become a full time educator.

Teacher Dan

Teacher Li graduated from Southwestern University of Finance and Economics in Chengdu, China, and earned her BA in Finance. She also got European Bachelor of Arts for account manager in private banking. She was trained at China and earned her National teacher certification examination certificate. She worked in the business field until she immigrated to USA. She teaches children and adults Mandarin. Her educational philosophy is to be carried out by emphasizing the child’s abilities, competences, and natural aptitude, developing and fostering the child in ways that encourage the development of new and inherent talents.

Ms. Wu

Teacher Wu gained her Master degree in Education from Germany. She speaks Mandarin, German and English. With over 5 years of experience in teaching Chinese as a foreign language, enrich her multicultural perspective. Before she became an early childhood educator, she has economics, natural science, history as well as Chinese literature background. Now she is a mother of a 3 years old trilingual girl. As an advocator of psychoanalysis and individual psychology, she devoted herself to early childhood education. She designs Chinese curriculum for preschoolers.


Teacher XiaoMei

Xiaomei Wang works as Director of Engineering For Kids (EFK) Portland Metro and Lead Chinese Teacher at Xstream Learning Center. She has rich experience in administration and management as well as teaching EFK classes and Chinese.
Before joining EFK and Xstream, Xiaomei worked at the Hatfield School of Government and the Center for Public Service at Portland State University as China Program Director and International Program Coordinator. She also worked as Associate Professor and Associate Director at the English Department of the School of Foreign Languages and Literatures at Lanzhou University (China).

Dan Stott

Dan Stott has a Masters Degree in Elementary Education with an ESL endorsement, and a Bachelors Degree in Spanish. He has taught first through fifth grade ESL as well as fourth grade in a bilingual classroom.

Enrichment Class


Michael Hoeft

Michael Hoeft was studious even as a wee lad, eventually earning a 4.3 gpa as a high school graduate from Moorpark High School in Moorpark, California. He enrolled in UCLA and graduated cum laude with a BA in American Literature & Culture. After spending some time in the Finance world, Michael realized that he truly missed the young students he worked with as a YMCA Camp Counselor all throughout high school during the summers. He began tutoring in California, then Oregon, and even Washington – and now has 11+ years experience as a private tutor. Having lived here in the Pacific Northwest for the past 8 years, Michael has largely tutored Math, English, the SAT, the ACT, and the SSAT, helping local learners garner not only confidence, but also thinking, learning, and memory tips and strategies that can bring about higher grades and test scores.

Wayne Chin

Wayne Chin graduated from the Cultural Art College of Guangzhou before working as a movie illustration artist. After moving to Portland, he worked as an Architectural Illustrator for ten years. In 1997, He started his own Art Studio (Wayne Studio) where he has developed his art ever since. In addition to his favorite medium, oil painting, he also likes to work with watercolor, gouache and sculpture.

Craig Macallister

Craig Macallister Ph.D has been involved in education for nearly his entire adult life. After receiving a B.A. in history from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, he went on to receive both an M.A. and Ph.D in American History from the University of Michigan. First as a graduate student instructor and later as a university professor and exam preparation instructor, Craig developed skills as a professional educator that have allowed him to adapt to a variety of learning environments. He has over ten years of teaching experience at the university level and has taught standardized test preparation courses for four years (SAT & ACT mostly). In addition to classroom teaching, Craig has also done significant work as a curriculum developer. He is an avid learner, dedicated teacher, and enjoys working with every type of learner, no matter their age or skill level. Outside of teaching, Craig enjoys spending time with his family, reading, and running.

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