Education is not preparation for life;
education is life itself.
John dewey

About Us

XSTREAM Preschool opens in June 2019. We offer English-Chinese dual immersion programs to kids 2.5 years -5 years old. We use the most current, academically endorsed methods to ensure that children have fun while learning the skills they need for long-term success in school and in life. Our talented teachers also collaborate with parents to nurture children into respectful, confident, and joyful learners.


Our mission is to provide a culturally rich experience by introducing the Chinese language and traditions to children and families living in the American culture. Children are naturally curious and inquisitive and we believe that preschool is the ideal time to teach this challenging language along with the academic and social skills necessary for kindergarten.

“Playing to learn, learning through play” is our motto. We encourage students to learn through fun, interactive and engaging activities of music, art, games, songs, stories, and age-appropriate STEM projects that will ensure every child is prepared to enter kindergarten and elementary school with confidence and knowledge.


Our curriculum is Reggio Emilia inspired, meanwhile under the demand of parents in our neighborhood, we developed our STREAM curriculum, which encourages kids to explore Science, Technology, Reading, Engineering, Art, Math and etc. in a teamwork as well as individual exploring environment.

Our Story

Learning at XSTREAM

XSTREAM Learning Center Preschool uses Mother Goose Time Curriculum, it sets the stage for self-confidence by encouraging progress at a child’s own pace, according to individual needs and abilities. All programs are customized to your child’s progress, needs, and age. Schedule a tour today to experience a day in the life of your preschooler!

Inspired by Reggio Emilia Approach, XSTREAM Learning Center Preschool offers enriched bilingual projects in Science, Technology, Reading & Writing, Engineering, Art and Mathematics, which allow kids to explore the world.

The curriculum in XSTREAM Learning Center is under Reggio Emilia inspired, combined with our high-tech neighborhood’s demand, STEM-based curriculum Mother Goose Time as well as the Chinese curriculum developed by our team. The public and private schools comment on our kids who graduated from XSTREAM Learning Center is very advanced in not only academics but also social-emotional development. 

We also offer a kids friendly environment for preschoolers to explore the world by themselves.

Xstream Preschool Montly Newsletter

Playing at XSTREAM

With walking distance to Mill Pond Park, XSTREAM preschool children enjoy their outside activities in the park. Through walking along the sidewalk through the community by holding a safety rope in a line with teachers, children learn safely walking, respectively behaviour and voice using in the community; children observe nature changing along their walk–plants sprouting, blooming, fruiting and drooping, birds migration and reproduction, bees and butterflies pollination…

The playground located in Mill Pond Park offers a nice place for children to develop their gross motor skills, build their muscle and bone strength, as well as social-emotional skills by role-playing game. Children learn to love, perseverance, cooperation, and self-care by playing outside.

Preschool Enrolling

Looking for a preschool your child will love?

XSTREAM Preschool provides English-Chinese Dual Immersion program which prepares students for success in a multiple culture world and promotes life-long learning by providing lessons and activities that are meaningful, experiential and fun! Our curriculum is thoughtfully planned to foster and support physical, social, emotional, artistic bilingual and spiritual growth so that students will realize their power for positively impacting the world both locally and globally.

XSTREAM Preschool has opened on June 3rd 2019. We are now enrolling students age 3-5 years old. Classes are in English and Mandarine.

The documents and enrollment forms can be downloaded from the left sidebar.