Who Are We

XSTREAM Learning Center, founded in 2017, proudly brings a complete XSTREAM curriculum into our after school program and Mandarin-English bilingual preschool program. We welcome and embrace all students and their families, regardless of gender, race, color, national and ethnic origin. The Center is for all families who want their children to be cared for in a warm, nurturing, positive environment that is focused on everyone coming together to improve themselves and by extension the group as a whole. 

With the aspiration of cultivating the next generation of our community to become competent global citizens, we create a positive learning environment for students to be immersed in seven major aspects:
X — Cross Cultural Communication: We bring communities together by making language learning interactive and fun while enhancing cultural awareness and cross cultural communication skills. 
S — Science: An appreciation for the scientific process leads to better critical thinking.
T — Technology: Keeping up with changing technology is critical for future careers.
R — Reading and Writing: Strong reading and writing skills are essential to communicate all your amazing ideas.
E — Engineering: Engineering is how we improve the infrastructure of our society and change our world in a positive way.
A — Arts and Music: Arts and music make imagination and creativity blossom and they illuminate the meaning behind the other subjects we teach.
M — Mathematics: An understanding of mathematics is a base upon which other skills are built.

Our team devotes great efforts to developing curriculum which are age appropriate, ensuring optimal growth and development of our students. Our language program includes Mandarin (for both preschool and after school) and Spanish (for after school) which focus on not only language competency and fluency, but also the understanding and appreciation of richness and diversity of different cultures. We offer engaging and interactive STEM sessions for students to experiment in the science lab and learn complex concepts in interesting ways. Students learn, practice and sharpen their reading, writing and math skills through tailored activities because these are fundamental and integrative learning skills for academic success. Arts and music projects are also an essential part of our curriculum: they develop students’ creativity, provide mental, emotional and educational benefits and are critical in promoting different intelligences such social and communication skills.


Our mission is to foster and build upon children’s natural curiosity about the world around them and how it works by giving them ample opportunity to explore a wide variety of subjects, finding what interests them, and expanding that into new directions. We believe the XSTREAM curriculum is the key for our students to becoming contributing members of the  high-tech, diverse and highly-connected society of the future.

Since its establishment, XSTREAM has distinguished itself with its unique education philosophy, high quality programs and it has gradually built its reputation and brand in the community. After one year of stable growth, due to the increasing demand from families to enroll their children at our center, XSTREAM decided to expand. In May 2019, we moved from our original center location to a space twice the size which incorporated both the bilingual preschool and after school programs. The available spots were soon filled and there are still inquires from families about the programs.

The families’ recognition gives us the confidence to further expand XSTREAM brand of a high quality education program to serve more children aged 3 to 12. Our goal of growth for 2021-2022 is to open a second location and we have been actively seeking for a suitable space for that purpose. To make the growth the development healthy and sustainable, we realize the importance of recruitment and retention of talents, because devoted educators and competent administration team are the soul of any good education organizations. They are the backbone to keep the same educational philosophy, curriculum, and operation mode and quality. We realize recruitment and retention of talents contributes to the success and viability of the program in the long term, because devoted educators and competent administration team are the soul of any good education organizations. The strategy for next step is to attract professional educators who share the same passion for education and are willing to dedicate themselves to a career at XSTREAM.   

Meet Our Team

Our teachers make things different

Emily Palmer got a master degree in Curriculum and Instruction and a Certificate in Early Childhood Education at the Masters Program at Portland State University. She has achieved Step 11 (out of the maximum of 12) in the Oregon Registry: Pathways to Professional Development. She also has more than 8 years of experience teaching Mandarin Chinese to children ages 0 to 13. Seeking to fulfill her desire to inspire children to build on their natural curiosity by teaching through hands-on learning, she left her prior career in supply chain operation management to become a full-time educator.   Emily is pursuing her doctor program in Education at Portland State University.
Emily Palmer

Founder and Principal

University and her Master degree of Applied Commerce (Marketing) in Melbourne University.  She started to work as a Marketing Director and Teacher in Xstream Learning Center from 2017. And she became the Director of Xstream Learning Center in the summer of 2018.  She also volunteered at Bamboo International school as a teacher assistant in year 2017 and 2018.
Helen Li


 Teacher Wu graduated from Beijing Normal University and gained her Master degree in Education from Germany. She speaks Mandarin, German and English. With over 5 years of experience in teaching Chinese as a foreign language, enrich her multicultural perspective. Before she became an early childhood educator, she has strong math, natural science, history as well as Chinese literature background. Now she is a mother of a 4 years old trilingual girl and a baby girl. As an advocator of psychoanalysis and individual psychology, she devoted herself to early childhood education. She designs the Chinese curriculum for preschoolers and toddlers.
Harmonie Wu

Curriculum Director

 Mr. Gao joined Xstream in Jun, 2020. He has been a lead teacher for our school age students since then. He received his Master’s in Education from Portland University and MA in Teaching from George Fox University. Mr. Gao has served as homeroom teachers for more than 7 years in public and private elementary schools, who is a certified teacher in Oregon and has IB teaching experience.  Mr. Gao always believe that, as a qualified teacher, imparting knowledge is just one part of it, more important is needed and students to set up a good relationship. With guidance, cooperation way to inspire the potential of students, help them develop well habits, and set up the correct world outlook and values, cultivate the student to be an outstanding global citizen.
Mr. Gao

Instructional Coordinator

Teacher Sunny graduated with a bachelor degree in Chinese language. She had worked as a Chinese teacher in middle school in Shanghai, for about ten years. Teacher Sunny graduated from PCC with a degree of Early Childhood Education. She always like the environment of teaching and learning, and is glad to be working with these wonderful kids.
Ms. Sun

Chinese Teacher

Teacher Hai Bi has rich experience in teaching K-5. He taught various subjects including math, science, social study, Chinese and music at Northwest Chinese Academy, Woodstock Elementary, and The International School. He is also a STEM camp teacher for Engineering For Kids. Teacher Bi graduated from Portland State University with a BS in Arts and Letters and a minor in Elementary Education. 
Mr. Bi

Preschool Music Teacher

     After School Teacher

John Mullis

English Teacher

Dan Stott

After School Teacher